Logistics & Transportation

Why NetSuite for Logistics & Transportation?

With NetSuite’s all-in-one solution, businesses no longer have to be overwhelmed with juggling multiple management software. Best of all, its cloud-based infrastructure let’s you access real-time data from anywhere.
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Simplified. Streamlined.

Businesses everywhere depend on logistic companies to simplify the movement of goods, services, and information. NetSuite demystifies the complex and provides extensive inventory management, simplified financial reporting, and automated procurement of goods and services.

All-in-one Cloud-Based ERP System

Oracle NetSuite’s cloud-based infrastructure enables operations to run without costly IT hardware and resources. Take charge of your business with a customized NetSuite solution from Kodella.

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Inventory Management
Organize inventory with real-time tracking features, multi-location planning, and location management.
Programmed Procurement
Automate the procurement of goods and services from the acquisition phase all the way to the payment stage.
Unlimited Forecasting
Design accurate forecasts with unlimited “what-if” scenarios between actuals and projected results.
Automated Processes
Eliminate the frustration of time-consuming financial close with automated billing cycles and renewal periods.
Advanced Financials
Gain financial insight with customized dashboards that offer insightful financial data with visual KPIs and metrics.
Worldwide Functionality
Empower your global business with multi-currencies, multi-languages, compliant accounting standards, country-specific eCommerce sites, and more.


Operate multiple-location planning with full Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) capabilities.
Enable predictive analytics, KPIs, and unlimited “what-if” forecasts to stay on top of your business’ financials.
Close your books confidently, knowing it is compliant with the latest accounting standards.
Save money with NetSuite’s cloud-based software that doesn’t require the clunky hardware and IT staff to maintain
Never leave a question unanswered or a problem unsolved with NetSuite’s customer support center and Kodella’s technical team.

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Kodella goes beyond fulfilling the basic requirements of running a business and instead offers Logistic and Transporation a unique solution to boost productivity and profits.