Why NetSuite for Manufacturing?

Kodella goes beyond fulfilling the basic requirements of running a business but instead offers manufacturers a unique solution to boom business.

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NetSuite ERP Implemented by Kodella

With a cloud-based ERP solution, NetSuite can accommodate any global business, supply chain or manufacturing process regardless of location.

All-in-one Cloud-Based ERP System

Avoid outdated systems that rely on clunky hardware and a full IT staff to maintain with NetSuite’s advanced cloud system. Kodella utilizes the cloud-based features of NetSuite and creates an all-in-one ERP solution.

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Maintain a 360-degree view of your customers and monitor their reactions to your products.
Order Management
Make informed orders based on your global inventory and automate orders within a centralized system.
Product Data Management
Customize your master data to include an unlimited number of additional fields, giving you complete overhead visibility.
Ensure you get the lowest delivery cost while maintaining the management of vendors and purchasing processes.
Supply Chain
Easily manage the production and supply of manufacturing processes, regardless of location.
Quality Management
Maintain a high-quality product by implementing a rigorous inspection plan based on pass/fail criteria.


Access all information across a unified platform which integrates CRM, Supply Chain, Warehouse Management, accounting, and eCommerce into an all-in-one robust system.

NetSuite places an emphasis on the power of connectivity. Thanks to its completely cloud-based system you can access your data from any device from any location in the world.

NetSuite software is cost-effective when compared to other outdated on-site ERP solutions that require maintenance and IT staff to regulate.

NetSuite is built with flexibility in mind which is why it is completely adaptable to swaying market dynamics and is scalable with minimal manual intervention.
Its intelligent interface provides predictive analytics that helps manage any changing business models.
While its advanced software processes intricate data, its simplified interface quickly displays vital information based on relevance to the user role.

Why Choose Kodella?

Kodella goes beyond fulfilling the basic requirements of running a business and instead offers manufacturers a unique solution to boost productivity
and profits.