Wholesale Distribution

Why NetSuite for Wholesale Distribution?

With NetSuite’s all-in-one solution, businesses no longer have to be overwhelmed with juggling multiple management software. Best of all, its cloud-based infrastructure let’s you access real-time data from anywhere.
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All-in-one Cloud-Based ERP System

Stay competitive with the help of NetSuite’s sleek all-in-one cloud-based solution. NetSuite’s business insights optimize the pick, pack, ship process, meaning faster delivery for a lower cost.

Say Goodbye to Inefficient Processes

Operational costs are easily managed with supplier portals, streamlined order-to-cash features, and MSDS and FDA regulation standards. Say goodbye to inefficient processes with a customized NetSuite solution by Kodella.

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Supplier Portal
Build supplier relationships, manage performance, communication, and payments all in real-time within the Supplier Portal.
Faster Delivery
Vastly improve your pick, pack, ship times with comprehensive fulfillment controls that improve efficiency.
Manage More Orders

Maintain a full view of the entire order-to-cash process with alerts and notices enabled to fast track orders with no fuss.

Meet Regulations
Material handling is covered with MSDS and FDA regulation approved standards that ensure that you avoid needless fines
User Reviews
Customer Engagement
Connect with your customers on an integrated platform that promotes customer engagement, feedback, and loyalty acquisition.
Advanced CRM
Build and manage your leads, prospects, and customers, with a complete end-to-end CRM that gives you real-time data and analysis of your clientele.


NetSuite’s omnichannel series of products manages orders from multiple sources such as EDI, web orders, direct sales, partner sales, and more.

Reduce inventory overhead and turn inventory quickly with inventory tracking features and inventory-to-sales ratios.

Optimize your warehouse with business insights to reduce stockouts and obsolete items.

Create the most efficient pick, pack, ship method with zone and wave picking, prioritizing carriers by pick up time, and customized shipping options.
Its intelligent interface provides predictive analytics that helps manage any changing business models.
Modernize your business with an easy to use eCommerce website that entices customers to engage and buy directly.

Why Choose Kodella?

Kodella goes beyond fulfilling the basic requirements of running a business and instead offers wholesale distributors a unique solution to boost productivity
and profits.