NetSuite OneWorld

An Advanced e-Commerce Platform for Global Businesses

Manage a Global Business Across a Unified Network

Build Your International Business on the #1 Business Solution Platform

NetSuite OneWorld offers one interconnected cloud-based solution that can manage multiple subsidiaries and languages. Upgrade to a winning cloud-based ERP solution that will save you money by avoiding the cost of on-site equipment and maintenance.

Manage a Global Business Across a Unified Network

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Why Choose NetSuite OneWorld?

With a completely cloud-based ERP stay up to date with real-time visibility of all sectors of your business. Role-based dashboards and real-time metrics help improve business performance by highlighting importance by role. The use of OneWorld’s auditable accounting interface encourages and improves accountability and compliance. The automated billing feature speeds up the settlement of outstanding bills and removes the possibility of human error.

Streamline Operations and Enjoy Real-Time Financial Visibility

Accelerate financial processes by using NetSuite OneWorld, which features multi-currency consolidation and real-time roll-up receivable across accounts, and order fulfillment, from local in-country operations to all regional offices up to the global headquarters.

Why Choose NetSuite OneWorld?

Manage Multiple Subsidiaries and Increase Efficiency

NetSuite OneWorld presents comprehensive financial and operational role-based dashboards and real-time report based monitoring. Decrease processing time by setting up dashboards to receive alerts for shipments or reports needing approval.

Why Choose NetSuite OneWorld?

Monitor Your Business from Anywhere… Anytime

NetSuite OneWorld operates using web-based access, enabling both employers and employees to access the platform while on-the-go. NetSuite OneWorld users can get access to the data and functionality they require from the palm of their hands on the most popular mobile devices.

Why Choose NetSuite OneWorld?

Avoid Costly Upkeep with a Cloud-based ERP System

The cloud delivery process enables global businesses to run corporate and subsidiary operations without costly location-based IT infrastructure and resources. This cuts costs and enables companies to efficiently integrate standardized ERP into every corner of their operation.

Why Choose NetSuite OneWorld?

Key Benefits of Using NetSuite OneWorld

Extend your reach globally and run your business from anywhere in the world.


Access online support 24/7 across multiple countries and regions.


Maintain accounting and tax compliance with local and global standards.


Securely manage multiple subsidiaries, business units, and legal entities.


Acquire accurate real-time updates from any location of your global business.


Maintain sophisticated Customer Relationship Management on the #1 Business Solution Platform.


Personalize mobile, web, and in-store experiences that connect with a global audience.

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Features of NetSuite OneWorld

NetSuite OneWorld has been implemented in over 160 countries, maintains over 190 currencies, 19 languages, and country-specific accounting standard compliance. OneWorld provides all resources a business needs to maintain local operations while being advanced enough to adapt to regional-specific accounting standards. The NetSuite OneWorld platform empowers organizations to seamlessly meet their local operation’s needs and easily adapt to the latest accounting standards and regulations anywhere in the world. Regional-specific standards are set in place to provide compliant tax and accounting management both locally and globally.

Global Accounting & Finance Consolidation

The entire NetSuite OneWorld platform is built around a robust financial reporting process that enables organizations to understand all activities across the global business in real-time.

Integrated Multi-Currency Management

NetSuite’s multi-currency management platform supports over 190 currencies and exchange rates, enabling you to conduct business globally without unnecessary add-ons.

In-Depth Audit and Compliance Reporting

OneWorld is designed to support global standard and country-specific requirements. It features an always-on audit trail and has the ability to analyze every transaction detail.

Configurable Intelligent Tax Engine

With a built-in tax engine, NetSuite OneWorld provides software that is configurable to your specific business needs, including cross border sales and Intrastat reporting across all 27 EU countries.

Features of NetSuite OneWorld
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