About Us

Kodella was founded in 2016 by three friends on the principles of collaboration, mutual respect, and trust.​

With 16 years of NetSuite experience and 35 years of ERP and eCommerce know-how, Kodella approaches consulting in a way that others don’t: with transparency and an emphasis on quality.

Meet the Founders

Group chief executive officer

Eric Bibi, the Group CEO of Kodella, embraces a hands-on approach to project management. With years of technical experience, he artfully understands how to get the best value of each NetSuite implementation. As a leader in technology, Eric solves organizations’ most demanding technical and operational challenges with innovative approaches.

Group Customer officer

With over 15 years of experience, Ryan Albretsen is a visionary sales and marketing leader who knows how to grow vital client relationships. His expertise in building profitable operations from the ground up accounts for his esteem as a leader in global operations.

Group Technical Officer

Jeff is a strategic thought leader with an impressive career spanning over a decade of providing advanced solutions and implementing technical strategies for top companies. His knowledge of ERP/CRM systems, Web Development, and experience as a UI Developer has given him the ability to solve complex challenges  by creating unique solutions.

Culture of Development

Company culture begins at the source: the hiring process.

Kodella hires self-motivated individuals who have a hunger for personal growth and are never satisfied with ‘good enough’. In return for being a motivated employee, Kodella invests further than the bare minimum and promotes an environment of support for personal development. Kodella encourages its staff to “sharpen their saw” and focus on self-improvement. This includes providing educational opportunities far and wide, whether it’s as large as pursuing a degree or as small as freshening up on an old skill.