Business Survival Tips From an Ecommerce Expert

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Whether it’s to beat the crowds or find the best deals, the number of consumers shopping online has steadily increased. And while the 2020 shopping season will be uncharted territory, retailers can expect most shopping to be done online.

From pandemic restrictions, wanting to avoid crowds, and the heightened need for convenience, eCommerce has flourished this past year. In order to meet this new demand, commerce expert Jason Asher believes businesses should cater to their customers online.

With over twenty years of experience, Jason Asher shares his insights on what businesses should value in these unprecedented times. Here are the top reasons eCommerce expert, Jason Asher, believes a digital solution will be a mandatory asset for business survival.

Integrate Contactless Payment 

With the impact of COVID-19 affecting how we think about everything, it affects how we think about paying. Asher believes that “as people become more aware of germs and how they’re transmitted, we’re going to see a push towards a ‘tap to pay’ type of transaction model.” 

8 in 10 consumers use contactless payments

In a Mastercard global consumer study, they found that nearly eight in ten consumers use contactless payments. What’s most interesting to note is that consumers don’t see contactless payment as a fad or trend. In fact, 85% of mobile wallet users predict they’ll still be making payments this way two years from now.

85% of mobile wallet users expect to be using contactless payment until 2022

Whether you’re accommodating the rise of e-wallet users or trying to set up a well-rounded POS system, SuiteCommerce can help. SuiteCommerce is an omnichannel solution for eCommerce and back-office management. This means you can run your entire business on one cloud platform. With a fully integrated system, NetSuite provides the tools to accept contactless payment at the register. Plus, it is compatible with Apple Pay, Android Pay, smartwatches, and more, meaning there are never-ending ways to shop.

Offer More Ways to Shop

E-Commerce has flourished, with nearly 75% of people opting to do their shopping online at least once a month. Because of this, retailers need to offer more than just one way to shop—hence the importance of eCommerce important. As a business owner, the benefits of having multiple channels not only gives your customers more ways to shop, but it also allows you to better connect with your customers.

75% of people opt to do their shopping online at least once a month

With SuiteCommerce you can customize and create the perfect online shopping experience. You can also integrate your online shop with your inventory, warehouse, and order management, giving your customers more buying options and your business better clarity into your operations.

Give Your Customers Peace of Mind

As we progress further into tackling this pandemic, consumers around the world are looking for some sort of comfort. The eCommerce expert believes this comes down to easing your customer’s concerns for safety. He says, “I think consumers’ mentality is going to be that of caution. But people are still going to want to get out of their houses and experience the brand. And unless there’s a dire need to go into the store to explore the brand, the brand experience is most likely going to be digital.”

woman shopping online

The best way to ease their cautions is to show customers what safety precautions you’re taking to protect yourself, your customers, and employees. Luckily, for NetSuite customers, there is a NetSuite’s Community Exchange which connects you to other NetSuite customers that are looking to stock up on high-demand items such as sanitary products, masks, gloves, etc. With over 21,000 customers having access to this platform you’re sure to find the supplies you need that will be critical to give your customers the peace of mind they crave. 

Provide Convenient Pickup Options

Along with this peace of mind, customers crave convenience and this ultimately affects the way they interact with shops. More and more customers expect the convenience of curbside pickup or an in-store pickup option. The biggest indicator of this is found in search trends. Research done by Think with Google reveals searches for “curbside pickup” have grown over 3,000% globally year-over-year.

searches for “curbside pickup” have grown over 3,000% globally year-over-year

The eCommerce expert believes the answer to this overwhelming demand is through NetSuite. With NetSuite, businesses can integrate their website, inventory, and keep their staff informed on pickup orders all on one software. Asher stresses the importance of this by saying, “as the world starts to reopen, people are still going to be afraid or apprehensive to go into a public environment. By providing convenient options for your customers they can still get their favorite products and support small businesses through the notion of NetSuite”. 

The Answer is eCommerce

In summation, businesses looking to stay on the cutting edge of technology will need a NetSuite solution to capitalize on the features that your customers crave. With the help of an experienced consultant company, like Kodella, you not only get a custom-built solution but also the technical support from a team of experts. Contact our team today to get started. 

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