The Clever Ways NetSuite Helps Shops Stay Open Amidst the Pandemic

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Summary: As businesses worldwide begin to reopen and grapple with the “new normal,” NetSuite provides customers a helping hand. Here are six offers NetSuite customers can take advantage of to navigate the pandemic better.

Around the world, businesses are trying to settle into a “new normal”. With the uncertainty of the economy and as areas slowly begin to reopen, there is still a lot of apprehensions. Thankfully, NetSuite is working around the clock to ensure that their customers are staying safe to stay open for business. Here are the top six ways NetSuite is helping companies thrive in the middle of a pandemic.

netsuite community exchange

NetSuite Community Exchange

Essential supplies and services are in high demand; however, these products face quick stockouts and end up reaching a small net of potential customers. That’s why NetSuite launched the NetSuite Community Exchange, which is an essential-services marketplace for NetSuite users. Businesses have decided to offer up their goods and services in high demand, such as sanitary products, masks, gloves, etc. With over 21,000 customers and 500 partners with access to this platform, users have access to the supplies that are critical to helping them reopen safely. 

Cloud Data for an Easy Work-From-Home Transition

NetSuite users are already familiar with the cloud-based advantage their solution brings them. Because of stay-at-home mandates, some businesses must adapt to a work from home lifestyle. Luckily, thanks to the cloud platform, NetSuite can transition as quickly as opening up a laptop. Users gain access to the same information they would otherwise have or could possibly need. Plus, with NetSuite’s data security, you can rest assured knowing your data is safe and secure on the cloud. 

plan budget and forecast

Better Plan, Budget, and Forecast

Building an air-tight budget requires open communication between departments and a solid overview of all finances and market trends. Thankfully, NetSuite’s 2020.2 Release 2 has rolled out new features that help businesses better plan, budget, and forecast more accurately. NetSuite gives your team the financial freedom they need to centralize data for a complete look into financial and operational data and streamlined processes to predict the most accurate and accomplishable goals. 

Curbside Pickup

For retail shops that have the option of catering directly to their customers, curbside pickup is crucial for success. Curbside pickup offers customers the delight of still supporting a store with convenience and safety. With SuiteCommerce’s intuitive features, you can run an integrated website that allows your customers to check out online and pick up at curbside. This not only boosts more sales but also offers your customers more buying options but optimizes their overall experience. 

curbside pickup

Open For Business Virtual Event 

Leaders are coming together to share their challenges and triumphs in NetSuite’s Open for Business Events. This virtual event is an on-going video series that highlights the struggles businesses face today and how executives are tackling them. This series covers everything from managing cash flow and scenario planning to how to make a safe return to the office. This dialogue between small business owners helps build agility and resilience in uncertain times. 

Business Now Resource Guide

If you’re more keen on reading up on best practices, then NetSuite’s resource guide, Business Now might be a better resource. Filled with blog articles and playbooks, this guide offers insights, advice, and resources for struggling businesses. Plus, Business Now also features real stories from business owners and how they’ve had to adapt to the pandemic’s demands. One featured story is that of Bedford Industries that launched a SuiteCommerce website in a week and went from manufacturing twist ties to making PPE face shields. 

Business Now

Why You Should Take Advantage of These Offers

While the coronavirus is putting a massive strain on businesses, they need to stay strong now more than ever. It’s a tall order, but with a carefully executed response to the pandemic, leaders can ensure their business is healthy while keeping their customers safe. These resources are just a stepping stone into how businesses can better prepare themselves for the uncertain future ahead. As NetSuite expands further in their library of resources and knowledge, companies should take advantage of every offer and opportunity presented.

Moreover, for those still not using NetSuite, now is the time to adopt a system that works to improve your business round the clock. A quality solution requires a quality partner to implement, which is where Kodella comes in. We’re NetSuite pros with over 35 years of collective experience and have been named NetSuite’s Partner of the Year for two years in a row. Our team of experts has helped over 100 customers make the switch from aging ERPs to NetSuite. Contact our team now to get a free quote.

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