How Home Goods Retailers Can Win At Omnichannel Commerce

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Furniture and home goods retailers must adapt omnichannel if they are to survive in the modern world. Today’s consumers expect a seamless customer experience, whether they are shopping from a computer, a mobile phone, or in your brick-and-mortar store. Your home goods business must integrate both a physical and digital presence to survive and succeed.

Customer shopping for furniture at a home goods retail store

With NetSuite’s end-to-end solution, you can transform your business from the manufacturing plant to the warehouse to your local furniture showroom. From top to bottom, NetSuite drives efficiency, saves costs, and translates into real competitive advantages. This post will look at how NetSuite enables your home goods store to provide omnichannel commerce and other key benefits:

Seamless Omnichannel Experience 

Providing an omnichannel experience is now the expected norm for retailers. However, customers don’t see channels. They see brands. And how that brand engages with them can be the deciding factor when it comes time to buy. The customer experience is evolving, with data being at the heart of it.

ecommerce, suitecommerce, tablet examining home furniture

NetSuite provides a 360-degree view of customer information to create a seamless experience across your online and offline channels. By bridging the gap between the online and offline world, you allow your customers to browse, engage, and buy however they want.

Real-Time Inventory Visibility 

If you sell configurable and complex products, any inventory management error can be an expensive mistake. That’s why NetSuite’s inventory management features provide real-time, cross channel inventory visibility. For example, if you’re out of inventory on an item, it is automatically removed from your eCommerce store without human input.

warehouse, retail, employee looking at tablet for inventory

With NetSuite, you can be assured that you’re using accurate inventory numbers when making decisions, regardless of the physical location a product is made or stored in. You can better meet customer expectations and supply appropriate work orders to your manufacturing partners.

Streamlined Order Management

Not only does NetSuite make inventory management more efficient, but it also streamlines order management. The procurement process has become complex, as different parts may need to be pulled from separate warehouses or may need to be custom made. Your home goods store needs a software solution that can deal with that complexity.

warehouse order management pos system

NetSuite can manage hundreds or even thousands of items between your different product lines, automating much of the work. The flexible software keeps your business focused on the important things, such as the product, merchandising, presentation, and customer experience. 

Empowered Sales Associates

NetSuite gives your sales associates the information and data they need to deliver a fantastic customer experience. Specifically, NetSuite SuiteCommerce enables your employees to manage multiple facets of the business. Handle everything in one system, from financials to CRM to order management, while connecting to your ERP and website. 

sales associates selling home furnishings, home goods, retail

Your team has massive amounts of data at their fingertips. With just a click, they can manage transactions, search transitions, and see what is going on in the business. With NetSuite on hand, your sales associates will know where inventory is, what’s in the stores, and more importantly, any customer’s likes, dislikes, past quotes, and recent transactions. 

omnichannel workflow, suitecommerce

A Single Unified Commerce Platform

NetSuite provides a single unified commerce platform. Additionally, with a single piece of software, you can manage your financials, inventory, order processing, fulfillment, WMS, and even how you communicate with your customers. Your business can be extremely flexible while leveraging real-time data to make better decisions. 

A major challenge for home goods retailers is finding an IT infrastructure that can keep up with their business growth. If you’re looking to adopt the online business model, NetSuite is a complete end-to-end solution that handles everything from accounting to CRM to eCommerce.

How We Can Help:

Even with an award-winning ERP solution like NetSuite, you still need a knowledgeable team to implement it. That’s where we come in. As a NetSuite Partner with over 35 years of collective experience, Kodella knows what it takes to deliver a complete, end-to-end ERP solution tailored to the needs of home goods retailers. Contact our team now!

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