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How NetSuite Streamlines Transportation and Logistics Companies

transportation and logistics companie

Many transportation and logistics companies rely on unreliable spreadsheets that support aging accounting systems. However, as these companies grow, they must reexamine their way of doing business. Obstacles in inventory management, supply chain visibility, compliance, and accounting workflows are unavoidable, so companies need a flexible ERP system that can keep up.

transportation and logistics companie

Across 160+ countries and 23,000+ organizations, NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP software is delivering transformative results. In this post, we’ll look at how NetSuite ERP is helping transportation and logistics companies improve visibility, minimize complexity, and remain agile in the face of massive change.

Enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

Netsuite ERP streamlines CRM by providing a single 360-degree view of your customers across all channels. With access to all online and call-center transactions and interactions, you can gain insights into your customers’ attitudes and behaviors and understand your customers’ true lifetime value.

Enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Having complete visibility enables you to build rich customer profiles based on behaviors and interactions. This is useful for all your employees, whether they are in sales, marketing, or support. It also enables you to create target segments for highly personalized upsell and cross-sell campaigns and promotions. 

A Flexible, Modern ERP System 

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever. They want fast shipping, they want free shipping, and they want products to be readily available. They also want the freedom to purchase however and wherever they want. Transportation and logistics companies then face the challenge of offering timely deliveries while maintaining low costs.

Netsuite is the ideal ERP system for these companies, offering the flexibility needed to adapt to ever-changing consumer demands. What’s more, NetSuite helps you keep up with compliance standards and industry trends. NetSuite is built to accommodate growth and change with your business in the fast-paced 21st century. 

A Flexible, Modern ERP System

Integrated Supply Chain Management

Netsuite provides a global view of your inventory in real-time, regardless of where it is or who it’s consumed by. And with Vendor, CM, and 3PL Location management, you can easily collaborate with your supply chain partners.

NetSuite also offers Full Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) capabilities for multi-location planning. No matter the location a product is manufactured in or who it’s manufactured by, you can manage your products’ production and supply in the same way as if you were manufacturing them yourselves.

Supply Chain Management

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

NetSuite offers real-time business intelligence, analyzing statistical measures and results for each department, location, etc. With this in mind, you combine operational, financial, and KPI data in one place. You gain instant, real-time visibility for all key stakeholders, from high-level summaries down to the underlying transactions.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

The reporting and analytics of NetSuite ensure compliance. It enables you to accommodate requirements with easy and timely customized reporting and minimize risk with robust security, segregation of duties, and fully auditable business processes. The result is a single version of the truth with all of your data residing in a single source.

Global Business Management

Simply put, NetSuite helps transportation and logistics companies expand globally. NetSuite’s OneWorld module adjusts for currency, taxation, and legal compliance differences at the local level, with regional and global business consolidation and rollup. Managing your entire global operations on a single unified platform is the fastest way to make your business more efficient.

You can run eCommerce that’s multi-store, multi-country, or even multi-site, with country-specific web stores and websites managed from a single NetSuite account. NetSuite’s global CRM provides visibility into every aspect of your multinational organization, even with multiple languages and currencies, including forecasts and campaigns.

NetSuite OneWorld at a Glance

How We Can Help:

Even with an award-winning ERP solution like NetSuite, you still need a knowledgeable team to implement it. That’s where we come in. As a NetSuite Partner with over 35 years of collective experience, Kodella knows what it takes to deliver a complete, end-to-end ERP solution tailored to the needs of today’s transportation and logistics companies. Contact our team now!

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