NetSuite CRM+

Implement a complete customer lifecycle with the most powerful CRM+ available today

Why Choose NetSuite CRM+ from Kodella?

Close more deals and provide better service by having a full 360° view of your customers

Agile responses to customer needs are key to the continued growth of a successful company. NetSuite CRM+ from Kodella provides detailed processes to help drive performance, while it’s self-regulated CRM capabilities enhance customer engagement and streamline the lead-to-cash process.

Why Choose NetSuite CRM+ from Kodella?

20,000+ Companies Trust NetSuite Every Day!

Advantages of NetSuite CRM+

Kodella empowers your business with powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities, including:

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Sales performance management

Order management

Partner management

Marketing automation

Customer support and service

E-commerce and flexible customization

Advantages of NetSuite CRM+

Key Benefits of Using NetSuite CRM+

Experience a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle.

Improve Sales Forecasting and Quota Management

Kodella takes advantage of the power of NetSuite CRM+ advanced forecasting and quotes management capabilities to build reliability, trust, and predictability into the sales process.

Streamlined Incentive Management

NetSuite CRM+ offers an efficient compensation calculator, through Kodella’s sales compensation management, which saves time.

Upsell, Quote and Order Management

Easily convert quotes into approved sales orders using NetSuite CRM+. Get advanced and intelligent order-capture processes provided based on previous buying patterns.

Unmatched Out-of-the-Box Marketing Automation

Using NetSuite CRM+, Kodella can automate your entire marketing process across multiple channels – allowing you to better align campaigns and programs with your sales efforts.

Customer Service and Support Management

NetSuite CRM+ enables you to serve customers quickly and efficiently with 360° customer reporting. An updated knowledge base points your customers to the answers they need.

Real-Time Dashboards

NetSuite provides built-in, real-time role-dependent dashboards that make reporting simple. Your sales, marketing and service teams can monitor several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and access reports with ease.

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Automation CRM+ Like Never Before

NetSuite is a world leader in powerful sales force automation solutions. By using NetSuite CRM+, Kodella equips the sales team with a complete view of available prospects, an accurate record of each opportunity and access to every detail on multiple devices.

Customer Lifecycle

Allows the sales team to manage key contacts, opportunities across status, potential revenue sources, notes, and related documents.

Manage Pipeline

Sales managers have access to a complete view of all leads and opportunities in the pipeline.

Centralize Information

Give your sales team all-in-one tools to capture detailed interactions so that no data is lost between representatives.

Convert Opportunities

Empower your sales team to convert more opportunities into quotes and provide sales orders with one click.

Automation CRM+ Like Never Before
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